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Patios, Walkways & Stonework

What is a Hardscape?

Our definition of hardscape: The foundation features of the landscape that not only provides useful and usable functions but allows the blending of artistry with the features of your environment to suit your needs by bringing out its natural beauty, it transistions and provides an extension to livable outdoor space.

The right hardscape elements can improve the appearance, value and function of your landscape.

Driveways & Walkways

The most common elements of hardscape are driveways and walkways. The functionality of these foundation features are necessary but combined with a number of different application materials they add a visual aspect that is warm, inviting and welcoming

Walls Can Satisfy A Number Of Requirements

Turn that impossible slope into a terraced showplace with retaining walls or add in seating walls to create more useable friendly space, perhaps you need a garden wall to shield or define a specific area or to provide raised planting beds for a garden highlight.

Patios, Pathways & Steps

Patios are an extension of your indoor living space; they can be your sanctuary from the everyday world and grind, a relaxing escape, your own private veranda. They should be designed to fit your needs, not just somewhere else to store more things. Pathways should flow through the landscape, you have enough of going from point A to B away from home, take the time to relax and enjoy your landscape. They should be designed to direct how you move through and how you use your landscape.

Arbors & Trellises, Patio Covers, Water Features, Firepits, Fireplace & Outdoor BBQ’s

They all provide beauty as well as function. They provide shade to a hot patio or protection from the rain. Use as a focal point for gathering friends and family around. They can define one area to the next, they can provide an outdoor cooking to escape the heat of summer or for a party. Select a water feature; tuck it away in a quiet corner to provide a soothing relaxing spot or use as the main element in your landscape. All of these are features to consider when developing your hardscape.

We’re Ready For You

No matter what you have in mind for your exterior needs; Zimmerman Landscaping Inc can handle it all. Contact us for all your construction needs. High quality Hardscaping truly brings your landscape to life.

  • Design and Complete Installation
  • Interlocking Brick Pavers and Flagstone
  • Stacked Garden and Retaining Walls